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With the Marine’s trusty blaster, destroying alien parasites and robots is what keeps you progressing forward. Literally – every coin dropped by them is going to be needed for upgrades, if there is any chance of survival.


It’s not all fun and shooting – the Marine’s wits and agility will be tested with various – sometimes puzzling – platforming challenges. Wall spikes and moving spike balls will hurt you (duh) and throw you off your game. Springs will launch you to new heights… or you know… into more spikes.


The Marine will probably die a few times. Or lots. That’s fine, that’s what checkpoints… err cryo pods are for. Use your past mistakes to learn from them and conquer each area. Then reach the final boss, and hate yourself for not finding enough gems to upgrade your gear to max level.


Code Arcturus was built with Speedrunning in mind. It can be played through and enjoyed once, but for those looking to experience all the game has to offer, going back and mastering each level is where the real fun begins. Find alternate routes, better strategies and dominate the leaderboards!