About me

What I do

Full Stack Software Developer

In my day job I am a professional full stack software developer, experienced in Java and NodeJS, working on building mainly entertainment solutions for international clients. I enjoy getting my hands dirty throughout the entire lifecycle of a product, from the payment backends all the way to the final pixel pushes in the frontend. I pride myself in being a fast learner of new technologies.

Indie Game Developer

I’ve been playing around with game development since high school in my free time – my first “game” was an 8-bit space invaders clone developed in Pascal (the first programming language I was taught). During my university years I made some small Android games. Later, in 2019 I picked up Unity, and got immediately hooked.

The circumstances of 2020 gave me the opportunity to finish my first fully released game on Steam, Code Arcturus. It was a great learning experience, which I intend to put to good use moving forward, as I create new games.